3 reasons why Cambodia should be on your holiday bucket list


Cambodia is home to some of the most historic sites in the world. The country is transitioning into the 21st century following a difficult past and is actively promoting itself to tourists, offering sights and activities sure to engage any adventurous traveller.

Here are 3 reasons why you should visit Cambodia.

1. History

Angkor Wat is the world’s largest religious monument. Built at the peak of the Angkor Empire during the 12th century, the structure took 37 years to complete. The now Buddhist temple is a Cambodian and tourism icon. 

Considered by many as the unofficial 8th wonder of the world, Angkor Wat’s majesty is a sight to behold especially at sunrise. A must-see on any traveller’s bucket list.

Angkor Wat: Photo Joseph Halloran

2. Cuisine

Cambodian cuisine is similar to that of the country’s geographical neighbours, Thailand and Vietnam. These cuisines are built around the staple of rice, paired with fish or meat. The signature Cambodian dish is Fish Amok, which is a steamed, coconut-based fish curry served in banana leaf. The Thai influences are easy to see and smell with this popular dish. 

Fish Amok with Rice. Image: Pixabay

Cooking classes are a popular tourist offering, and some Cambodians even offer to host them out of their homes. Classes cost ~$30 and are a fun way not only to try the food but to engage one on one with the locals.

3. Culture

Cambodia has been through recent hardships and is only getting back on its feet. One quality that has endured through the tough times is the kindness of its people. Optimism for the future shines from the faces of the locals, placing their past behind them and welcoming travellers with generosity and smiles.

Cambodian Family. Photo: Pixabay




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