Five movies that should have been made into a musical … like yesterday

Earlier this week it was announced that the hotly anticipated musical version of The Devil Wears Prada will be debuted next winter in Chicago. I don’t know about you but I haven’t been this excited since I first heard the Mean Girls soundtrack. These days it seems that turning beloved movies into musicals is the thing to do, so here we have a few suggestions…


1. Breakfast Club

Okay, so yes, Bender probably voted for Trump and the film glorifies sexual harassment but would it not be a musical delight? Teenagers fighting against the system? The inter-generational struggle of school stereotypes? This thing was a hit in the 80s and would be a musical hit now.



2. The Parent Trap


This film has the most bizarre child custody arrangement I have ever heard of and whatever judge agreed to it should be disbarred. That being said, this movie has musical potential written all over it. Love, lies and people deeply in need of therapy is what some of the best musicals are all about.  



3. Edward Scissorhands


Can you imagine the costumes? Enough said.



4. The First Wives Club


This movie is about three women who extort their philandering ex-husbands’ money and use it to open a women’s shelter in tribute of their dead friend. In this #MeToo moment, when women are stepping more into their own power than ever, there couldn’t be a better time for this movie-turned-musical. Also, Bette Midler.



5. Mrs. Doubtfire


Every Sally Field movie should be a musical. It’s gay doctrine.

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