Hell Yeah! McAlister Kemp set for 2020 Tamworth comeback


Australian country music fans have rejoiced with news McAlister Kemp are reuniting at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in 2020.

Originally announced as a one-off special, members Drew McAlister and Troy Kemp broke a new record for the Longyard Hotel when their late night show sold-out within four days. A second daytime show was later announced for the following day.

“The fact that we sold out so quick means that the people still like us,” Kemp told D*scribe. “We’re pretty blown away and stoked by this. It’s a really nice feeling. Suddenly McAlister Kemp is a thing again. It’s really surreal. Like, is this even happening?

“Our split was far from acrimonious but we realised that we are brothers and what we created is special to us and a bunch of other people too,” McAlister said. “We spent many years working as a duo on acoustic guitars and to be able to add the duo show is incredibly humbling for us.” 

It’s been 10 years since the duo burst onto the country music scene with the release of their debut album, All Kinds of Tough. They went on to release Country Proud in 2012 and Harder to Tame in 2014, before disbanding in 2015. Those albums produced multiple #1 video and airplay hits including Country Proud, Hell Yeah, It Don’t Buy You Love, Harder to Tame, Fight Me and All Kinds of Tough.

“I was looking at our set list for Tamworth – it’s just like hit after hit after hit. It’s like wholly crap we had some songs, man!” Kemp said. “I’m going to be sitting in my studio over the next couple of months and trying to remember how to play them all.”

Kemp said a tour and album was possible if the demand was there. They have already penned a new single that they may release before their Tamworth appearance.

After the Breakdown is about getting on with your life after a tragedy or something happening that was bad, but it almost felt like we were writing a cathartic song about us too. It was healing,” Kemp said.

McAlister Kemp will perform their greatest hits at the Longyard Hotel on January 25 and 26, next year.



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