Podcast: The good and the bad of TV sitcom endings


Television shows are often defined by how they end. A series considered to be great from start to finish that falls flat in its final episode or even final season (eg Game Of Thrones), can ruin the legacy and reputation of the show entirely.

It is also said that shows considered to have ended poorly may have run for too long already. Meaning many previous fans of the show lose interest before the series finale.

Writers are then faced with the enormous challenge of making sense of everything that has come before the final episode in a way that isn’t seen to be lazy writing.

On top of the huge pressure put on creators to wrap-up a series neatly, cover all bases and tie-up all lose ends, these highly anticipated final episodes are put under a microscope by fans and critics. Shows are regularly judged harshly if they do not fulfil a fan’s personal expectations.

Throughout this podcast I will be discussing the final episodes of three extremely popular and beloved television sitcoms – How I Met Your Mother, The Office and Seinfeld.

This will include how each series ended, how the finale was received by fans and critics, and also what I think they did right or where they went wrong.

Please enjoy!



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