Aydan’s back on track

Aydan Calafiore’s singing career took off when he made it to the finals of the TV talent competition, The Voice Australia, in 2018. 

Aydan plays Phoenix in the musical Jagged Little Pill, which is touring Australia now. Photo: Lisa Saad

The 21-year-old from Moonee Ponds, best known as AYDAN, is now playing the major role of Phoenix in the musical Jagged Little Pill touring Australia.  

But he felt he had his big break ruined when Melbourne went into lockdown in 2020. “It was like I was going 60 miles an hour and then had to stop at the red light. I’m going to miss the main crux of my young years trying to get out there and do what I love,” Calafiore said.  

His single Grow Up was due to be released in 2020 but was delayed for 18 months because of lockdown. He felt he couldn’t advertise or perform his music properly because no one was allowed out to listen to it.

Calafiore was worried the song wouldn’t be released at all, asking himself, “am I going to get a redo?”  

“I was afraid of missing that opportunity and not getting it again,” Calafiore said.  

Two years later, he can now see “the light in the shade of everything”. There were unexpected opportunities as musicians found new ways to reach audiences despite lockdown restrictions.  

He was able to meet new people virtually through song writing when Island Records invited him to live stream an at-home concert.  

Calafiore says he is a really social person in his life and his music. “Losing that connection with people was weird,” he said. “I was really grateful we got that back.” 



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