Protecting Adelaide’s hinterland

Environment Video

Benjamin Filosi meets the volunteers helping to keep an important tract of Adelaides nature reserve alive and thriving.

Benjamin Filosi

Weed killer in our waterways


It’s been banned by the EU and studies have shown it can reduce penis size in our native marsupials but Australia still uses 2.7 million kilograms of this chemical herbicide.

Parker McKenzie

How toxic soil can poison a town


Residents of Bacchus Marsh have been lobbying against their town becoming a dumping ground for contaminated soil for close to a year. And their fight is far from over.

Bayley Cocking

Eat local


How one farmers market reinvented itself in the wake of the pandemic

Juliette Milbank

Gone to ground, or gone for good?


A journey into the Simpson Desert provides an insight into humanities impact — both good and bad — on the environment

Chris Johnston

The truth about bees and food


Some media reports suggest declining bee populations are putting our food crops at risk. But is that true?

AJ MacPherson

When everything goes wrong in the world’s most haunted surf spot


It’s unlikely that sharks deliberately target surfers, but that’s cold comfort to those who have close encounters with these monsters of the deep

Ebony Miocic

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