Opinion: MRO let the players go

AFL Opinion

In the midst of a controversial AFL season with the ‘fabric of our game’ in question, Hayden Nankin says Round 10 provided plenty of talking points.

Hayden Nankin

Is private health insurance useful or useless?


What comes to mind when you hear the words ‘private health insurance? Maybe expensive, waste of money, or necessary? Private health insurance was something that was drilled into me as soon as I turned 18, with the notion that it is better to get it now, than when it’s too expensive at a later date. […]


An age of rage


At the start of the week, during her trip to the United States, Greta Thunberg addressed the UN hoping to encourage them to act on the climate emergency. As a representative of our generation, she accused the adults in the room of ruining her childhood.Protesters support youth climate change activist Greta Thunberg. Photo by Change.org […]


DC Comics: A Reboot in Crisis.

Arts & Entertainment Opinion

Since its establishment in 1937, DC Comics has published countless stories based on the immense number of characters it has collected under its belt throughout the decades. Image sourced from Kotaku.com.au All these characters are kept going by new writers who are brought in to reboot their storylines by creating a crisis that changes their world. […]


Why international students should be concerned about their workers’ rights


According to Federal Minister for Education Dan Tehan, international education contributed $32.4 billion to the Australian economy in 2017-18. Every year, the statistics show a significant increase in the number of overseas students choosing Australian education. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says more than 200,000 students are experiencing global study in the state. However, SBS News […]


OPINION: Being shy isn’t necessarily a negative thing


What is the first thought that comes into your head when you hear the word ‘shy’? Is it something negative, like ‘introversion’, or ‘no friends’, or ‘loser who is destined for nothing great’? Maybe it’s all of the above. Societal norms have shaped us to believe that to be successful we must be social beings […]


Why we need free money


American entrepreneur and US presidential hopeful Andrew Yang’s flagship proposal is to give every American adult a monthly dividend of $1000. Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a type of social security that guarantees all within a population a certain amount of money, no strings attached. So why is UBI a good idea, and why should […]


The push for modesty is toxic


Far from addressing the objectification of women, the push for modesty is exacerbating the problem


Kylie Jenner’s face-scrub faux pas: does she even care about her fans?


The Kardashian-Jenners have used their celebrity for good, but they’re hoodwinking many of their young fans with questionable beauty and health products.

Adrianne Kalla

No such thing as a Shorten thing

Opinion Politics

SIMILAR to weather predictions, election polls have been proven historically wrong following this year’s Federal election, leaving many Melbourne voters shocked.  Here are three reasons I think the Liberal’s “miracle” came true. 1. Labor isn’t about labour. In a word – Adani. “We will adhere to the science, the law, we won’t create sovereign risk,” […]


Why the world hates a vegan


If you are a vegan and believe there is a tsunami of hate directed your way, you are not being paranoid. In Australia, with its meat-centric diet and a barbecue culture where much more than a shrimp is thrown on the grill, vegetarians and vegans, who incidentally make up about 5 and 2 per cent […]


Where should our sympathies lie?


Death comes about in many ways. For 21-year-old Shania McNeill, it was her own reckless and irresponsible actions that caused her untimely death.Car crash. Photo: ARTYOM KULAKOV, Pexels via CC. So, should we feel guilty about what happened to her? Snapchat videos taken moments before she collided with another driver were investigated by police. They […]


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